What are the risks of using an Oxygen Cage and how do I address them?

Risks include anxiety, overheating, carbon dioxide levels (too high or too low), and oxygen levels (too high or too low).

Pay attention for signs that your pet is uncomfortable, including excessive panting with a long tongue, labored breathing, worsened signs of respiratory distress, being unresponsive, or showing signs of anxiety. If you notice any of these signs, remove your pet from the Oxygen Cage and transport them to the veterinary hospital. Administer oxygen therapy via the Pet Oxygen Mask using Pawprint Oxygen Canisters on the way to the veterinary hospital.

In order to manage anxiety, make sure to supervise your pet to ensure that they are comfortable in the Oxygen Cage.

You can manage the temperature in the Oxygen Cage using the provided ice pack and by properly venting the Cage as detailed in the instructions. Temperature monitors can be purchased to track the temperature inside the Oxygen Cage.

Carbon dioxide and oxygen levels can be managed by following recommendations for oxygen flow rate and venting the Oxygen Cage.

If the Oxygen Concentrator is showing a red light, this indicates that the Oxygen Concentrator is malfunctioning. If this is the case, remove your pet from the Oxygen Cage and call our support team at 855-699-4366.